Best Games Like Roblox To Play In 2022

Best Games Like Roblox To Play In 2022

If you are a gamer and are looking for the best games like Roblox, then you are at the right spot!

Here, we will explore a variety of games, and you can choose to play any game of your choice or even play all the games.

Best Games Like Roblox

Here is the exciting list of all the best games like Roblox!


The list begins with Trove. Trove is a sandbox MMO game that has some of the best features, including the graphics, cartoon style, and game mechanics. Trion worlds created it in the year 2015.

Trove is also well known for its easy customization and exploration. It is very addictive and is free on PC, PS4, and Xbox. This game is full of quests and adventures.

Lego Worlds

Although Roblox and Lego worlds are totally different, they have some common interesting features that will allow you to build, fight, and explore.

You can create your own universe of Legos and have amazing hours of gaming. You can also explore different worlds and have fun and adventure!

Murder Miners

In the case of Murder Miners, you can build a base or destroy them. You can also choose to survive against other players or against zombies simply. You can also become a Zombie and infect and kill other players.

The gameplay is so awesome and is Halo inspired. You will simply love the guns and the level ups of the game. The graphics are similar to Roblox, and it is an FPS game.

Garry’s Mod

When it comes to Garry’s Mod, the gameplay is that one feature that makes it stand apart from other games. It has so many similar features to Roblox, like the customization, game mechanics, and game modes. You can simply go for a prop hunt and have a great time!


Blockland is a great game that will again allow you to create, attack, explore, and enjoy adventures. You can also invite your friends or choose to play as a single player. It has an amazing Lego building style that will give you an amazing creative experience!

Pixel Worlds

Pixel Worlds gives you the freedom of creativity that is very similar to the Roblox game. Here you can build, craft, and create your own pixel art or characters.

It is a free online MMO game that allows you to farm or crossbreed any item. The resulting hybrids of items are so unique and are simply amazing! It is a 2D game, unlike the Roblox.


Creativerse allows you to build and explore different worlds that feature massive block-based planets. The game environment is so natural, and it also has so many creatures that you will need to destroy before moving ahead in your game.

You can either play in private worlds with your friends or play on the public servers. It can provide you with hundreds of hours of free adventure and fun.

These are some of the best games like Roblox, and you can choose to play them based on the gameplay, graphics, creativity, adventures, and fun element.

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